I’m Just Mad About Saffron...

Let’s talk about yellow because it’s the first day of Spring a week today, and it represents our optimistic and assured sentiment! But mainly because it has been all the rage on recent runways, and consequently in the shops. Glamour said it ‘feels like everybody is on the same page’, with it being ‘the biggest colour trend’.

Never too far away, fashion’s sister, AKA interior design, has been using copious amount of it too, from earthy to bright hues. This has led me to echo the Pantone Colour Report which is so beautifully put, I’ve copy and pasted a snippet -

‘The mindset for Spring/Summer 2019 reflects our desire to face the future with empowering colours that provide confidence and spirit; colours that lend themselves to playful expressionism and take us down a path of creative and unexpected combinations.’

Using yellow is difficult. My advice is - do not be scared but be very careful with the shade and offset it with your other pallet choices.

In terms of where, it makes great sense in hallways because they can be dark, and it is welcoming - genius! Being a ‘psychological primary’ it relates deeply to emotion, so I would avoid large amounts in bedrooms (although love a touch). It’s a charming addition in a breakfast area and kitchen; we recommend splashing out on a splash back, like these striking Fired Earth tiles.

It is also a strong option to create rhythm in the room and emphasis the colour scheme, in other words the accent colour. After all, we wouldn’t be interior designers without mentioning ‘accents’.

There are loads of gorgeous and affordable yellow furniture, textiles and decorative accessories on the High Street. I’ve pulled some together here -

…Saffrons Mad About Me,

They Call Me Mellow Yellow…

Bella Tiarks