Your Style Campaign

A designer is also a detective; investigating a desired look. Knowing one’s own style is a lifetime journey full of developments and new paths. Unless you are super tuned into the design world, you are probably busy doing things other than endlessly exploring and experimenting with finishes and furniture. Whereas our days are spent trawling through and filtering the available products, equipping us with the tools to crack the case.

Here are some words we hear a lot – classic, contemporary, modern, eclectic, elegant, luxurious, industrial, understated. When these words are used, a contradictory one follows shortly after. This is because they are all so complex and vague, conceptual and tangible (see what I did there). The initial brief meeting is crucial; knowing what is out there, coupled with reading what is desired (usually when they don’t know themselves) is paramount. There’s a small window of opportunity to weigh it all up. Making a style stab in the dark is failing – a waste of resources. Therefore, we have a refined process to work it out. And this ability translates to investment furniture packages whereby we embody the potential tenant or buyer.  

True Detectives - season 3!

True Detectives - season 3!

To furnish a property one needs to know the practical stuff; how the space will be used, by how many people and so forth. But to ascertain colour use and pattern levels, we supply imagery to choose from along with the wealth of questions. I would say that 99% of design is processed subconsciously. Unless you are carefully analysing the lighting or colours quantities and combinations when you are navigating around homes, restaurants, shops, then trust me – you don’t know what your optimum specification is. We are not assigned to one look, instead we curate our client’s aspirations. Hence the N + B tool kit we use to get to the bottom of what that is.

If you do not have the privilege of an interior designer then start looking and not just seeing, absorb the minor details of rooms you like and make notes. And in the meantime take this little BUZZFEED test and let us know what you get. Actually, while we are quizzing, do this Rise Art one as well - Nadine got Trailblazer and I got Aesthete.