For-Ever Green

If I had a pound for every time we had seen a green wall in the past year, I could buy a green velvet Beetle Dining Chair. Albeit a frustratingly long way to acquire dining chairs.

Homeowners are experimental with paint colours nowadays, and it is obvious to us why green is a firm favourite. It symbolises renewal and growth, and relates to a growing passion towards the natural environment.

If you would like to join the club, check out Farrow and Ball colours - Sap green and Calke green. F and B has a pigment that reflects the light beautifully, and this will affect the colour in different spaces and angles (it’s science). However, it is expensive, and mixing up the same colour in Leyland is the next best thing - no judgement.

In the Chinese culture green represents good health, prosperity and harmony, we can see why. The high street has fully embraced green with pale pink, its tonal compositions do work perfectly. Still, our favourite way to work green is simply with white, this reinforces the fresh and invigorating effect.

The Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 is Tranquil Dawn. Dulux is a leader in colour trend announcements, along with Pantone which is usually a more controversial choice. I like that they have chosen a calm, pastel shade of green. And this is the beauty, the whole spectrum of green is being used copiously, and it celebrates nature.

Word of warning, it is easy to clash greens because of its strong primary base, jungle green will not go well with olive green and ever green. I would be very gentle when working different shades together.

The fiddle-leaf fig is the ideal house plant and they will grow large, or can be purchased large! Clearly a huge plant is official protocol in a green scheme.

Lastly, this is what we are shopping for -